Monday, November 28, 2011

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These mild days  astound me....   but the rain  has come....

I am thinking...  how life can really throw  you  a curve ball  ever now  and then...

I am thankful.. that  God in His faithfulness   is ever present in times of trouble

In the kitchen...leftovers... what else?

I am wearing...  grey sweat pants and a summer blouse.....    anything cool    got  too warm several times today!

I am creating..   an  organizational tool for keeping track of mom and dad's finances and  bills....   oh,,,,   I need all the organization I can muster!!

I am be praying for an uneventful day tomorrow.... to be  a bit more  informative...   mom fell this morning...  we hurried over to   and found her  sitting in the  den floor..  She     was over her discomfiture  by the time we got there and     was  relatively sure nothing was broken...
  We  got her up  and back  lying down on her  sofa.... where she spends the biggest part of her day....  She  appeared to be  ok  if somewhat shaken.. but the bad news was she had inadvertantly  thrown away the  several  pain meds  she had in the house  and the   rest of her  meds  had already been taken to  the      Assisted Living   facility for  bubble wrapping....  (dispensing  once we get there on Wednesday...)
We stayed  around for about an hour  but she  was fine and the  cleaning  ladies were  coming.  Then about   1 this afternoon the cleaning ladies called and told us she  needed us back  and they were afraid to leave  we were there again.   There  was a bruise on her back that was disconcerting to them....  mom  does bruise easily...  anyway  we  ended up calling 911  and the  ENTS  were great
  they checked her vitals  which  showed  there was very little need for  emergency and it  would be such an ordeal to get mom to the ER and he  doctor agreed that it was pointless to  take her there....  so  after  about 2 hours  it was decided that  she'd just  stay home and  take a Tylenol....  Ive called and checked up on her several times and she is resting easily and about to  go on to bed....  Praise the Lord  he is  ever present  and  provides  everything we need  of we put our trust in Him...but it still was quite a day and I didnt get one thing done here at home that I needed to get done....

I am wondering...lately  I  have too much on my mind to  have  any time to wonder.....   maybe next week!

I am reading... I  really desire to start reading  my  Christmas anthology  I bought a couple of weeks ago  but alas  no time in my future for reading...

I am hoping...  that  the move on Wednesday will   be  easy on everyone....  All is packed and ready to go  although Mom and dad  think  there is a ton to do.....   Poor dears just dont understand that    the things  they see around them dont have  to be  perfectly organized  before  we leave....   Everything they are taking  is packed and  ready for pickup on Wednesday.... Im sure it is hard on them to break up  their home and   leave  much behind...  but  it will be just what  they need  in the new  place....  and it's going to look very nice!!!    The  work will come  after ward  when Lynn and I  take over....  oh, my!

I am looking forward to..all of the Hallmark Christmas movies this season.....   they a re always    so well done and uplifting

I am hearing...absolutely nothing.....  but the  whirring of the computer fan!

Around the house... I am seeing  bags of  Christmas  giftings and decorations and  wrapping paper.....    the Christmas tree box is sitting in the middle of the living room floor and   the dining room table is loaded with stuff.....   I need a Christmas miracle!

I am pondering...well, I do seem to ponder a lot  but it is usually when I awaken  in the night and cant go back to sleep because my mind is so busy  pondering  if  the  finances  are  going to  last   as  originally planned  or    what if this or  that  then that.....then  I  remember that nothing is going to take God by surprise and I am able to give  it all to him and I find my peace and rest!!!!

One of my favorite things... a nice cup of Christmas tea to calm my  spirit  and  give  my a sense of well being during the hectic days ahead!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Tuesday-  go over check on mom and dad and do Mom's hair...  straighten up  around the den and  make some final decisions about  some odds and end  stuff...  Wedensday  go voer and  await the movers
   pack the  wardrobes with the hang ups and  get everything set up in the     new  place.... take mom and dad on over to the place and get them happily ensconced in their new digs.   Wednesday night dinner/ adult Bible Study/     perhaps try to get some things done around here  toward the holidays.... rest!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My    hope    for these days!!!
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  1. Your poor mother. I will pray for her and your father and an uneventful day tomorrow. {{HUGS}}


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