Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simply Saturday


Funny to say the last time I wrote to this  theme  I was taking down the Christmas tree...   today we put it up... but alas,  we didnt  decorate it yet...  it  needs  many more lights  and that is Lynn's job... so  I  contented myself   working on  small  vignettes...  When its all said and I  I will  post some photos....   I love to see Christmas   just sort of evolve around  our house.... sort of as the spirit moves me....  I would love to  create  something on the scale as the  beautiful  photo posted above,,,,  so  cozy and warming and  full of cheer...  it  resonates family, love, and  tradition to me.   That is what Christmas is....    beginning  with the  holy family  represented by  God the Father  who sent us His own child,  His only begotten  Son, Jesus Christ, as a  sin offering...   Jesus  come to be born, live, and die for us...   as a substitute  for us because of the sin in our lives that separates us from  God.... Jesus, in His first advent,   came as a babe , born  by the Holy Spirit,  through  the Virgin Mary, he knew no sin,   yet He took the sins of the world on Himself in His cruxifiction and  became  the  atoning sacrifice  for all who  will  believe he is who he says he is....     and who will repent of their sin and turn  to  God, who will trust God and accept Christ's free  gift of salvation...   We are all sinners,  We   deserve  hell and damnation... every one of us....  yet because of God's love he made a  way for us to be saved...through the redemptive power of  Jesus'  blood  poured out for us....It is a free gift of grace  for those who will believe....  such love, mercy, grace....  free   to  all who will receive it  that is the  love, the family and the tradition  embodied in the  beautiful  Christmas  in our hearts....  that we seek to  emulate  during this season.....  For me  planning  for Christmas  includes  the  wondrous  carols  proclaiming the good news of  the  Coming   Christ Child....,  candles and  tree lights that  remind me that Jesus is the Light of the World...wonderful  aromas' of   delicious Christmas  treats, the scent of  fresh pine,   that  remind me of  the  family traditions of old...the  giving of gifts... nothing      outlandish .. just token gifts of appreciation to friends and family  to  demonstrate love one for another.  Just  as  Christ  demonstrated  in  being the perfect gift of us all....    I  pray that  this year I can keep my focus on  the true meaning of  Christmas and  enfold myself in only those things  that  keep  me ever closer to the author of  Christmas.   God, the Father and His  marvelous, precious  Son, Jesus Christ!

Thanks for the inspiration for this post to my dear friend Gina!

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  1. Your snowflake background is so cozy! Love your post. Blessings!


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