Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy Christmas

What a  busy Christmas....  Our Christmas didnt actually  begin until  Monday  evening  when   our daughter and son-in-law arrived  for  a visit  this week.     Then Tuesday morning bright and early  we had to take my mother  to the hospital for  a  Chiroplasty procedure on her spine and we  all tied up  all   day  with that issue and today   we tired to bake a bit and  do a bit of work  at my mom and dad's home...  Our daughter was  interested in  being involved and helping with  the  impact and work  this move to Assisted Living has  been on us....   I dont feel like  we have actually  Christmassed yet.....  We did have a  lovely leisurely  breakfast   this morning  with all the trimmings  and    Amanda and I did  sneak and open a  package  this afternoon. We  had matching  bracelets  from Brighton  that I was  dying to open....    that was fun...   but now its time to  load up the car and go  visit   with my parents  a bit and  take them some  Christmas  cheer....
  tomorrow will be our Christmas  Day... I sure hope  it  all goes without a hitch!!!!!.  Meanwhile,   Im  wishing you all a  great  week and  a  joyful   coming  New Year!!!!


  1. Schotzy, I just popped in to with you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I just know you will have a fab time visiting your family. xxoo

  2. What a wonderful "Christmas" day! Happy New Year to you!


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