Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

We are still experiencing    a very mild  winter   but   there are  changes  a comin!

I am,  what a lovely Christmas.....but it  hurried  past so fast.....

I am thankful.. for  such a  loving, merciful God...  it was a huge blessing to have mom and dad  come and  do Christmas Day   with us....  Thankfully, her  procedure last Monday was a  huge success...   the chiroplasty where they injected cement around her   broken vertebra  stopped all her  terrible   spinal pain....  and she can now sit comfortably.. so   by this past Thursday, the day we actually called our Christmas Day,  she was  able to spend a few hours with us.....    wonderful memories!!!

In the kitchen...leftovers... what else?

I am wearing...  my new  white terry robe  with my  monogram on it...  I love it... a  real surprise from my sweetheart!

I am creating..     nothing on  my creative list this week!

I am going... to be starting a  thanksgiving journal  tomorrow as  my  main New Year's resolution.   I am reading A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and  ai am so encouraged and challenged to  do this this year.... for there is nothing more  wonderful  than  developing a thankful heart  toward God's  many blessings  he provides us personally and corporately everyday...  I wish to  train my eye  so I can see them and  know   just how marvelous  our God is and how very much He loves us!

I am wondering... about  many things that I will not  express here  but  believe me, my mind is full!

I am reading...The Voskamp book is  a delight to me, and Joseph Prince's book, Destined to Reign, too,   encourages me to  know God  in a deeper intimacy  and to fully understand the benefits of living  under  the covenant of His grace!.

I am get    things in good shape this week following the holidays....   time to regroup and get organized for the many jobs I have ahead of me...

I am looking forward to..getting back into my weekly routine.

I am hearing...the wind is  roaring outside my window

Around the house...I am seeing  the remnants of  Christmas past  that  need to be put aside,  packed away, and gradually stored  back into  an organized manner!   So glad  Lynn is retired!

I am pondering...again the goodness of God in that with each new day I see my old mom  coming back ....   so glad she is  free from  that debilitating back pain and can now focus on getting back into  their  daily routine....regain  some part of  their lives together in  happiness and  peace!

One of my favorite things... a nice cup of Christmas tea   around a lighted  Christmas tree! That never changes

A few plans for the rest of the week:Monday:   working on my  Bible Study, and journal and  putting some  Christmas  away
Tuesday:  Laundry
Wednesday: Allergy shot/ cars to mechanic/ stop in at mom's church dinner and  Bible Study
Thursday:   Go to the library  and check out the new digs
  perhaps take a tour and   just  have a nice  quiet day
Friday: take mom to the doctor for  a followup from her surgery

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
One of my sweetest memories from the holidays... hearing our  wonderful daughter play  a medley of  carols on Christmas Day!

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  1. Stopped by via SWDB.....I really liked One Thousand Gifts too! Enjoy counting your blessings!

  2. Glad your mom's surgery was successful. Back pain is not fun!
    Enjoyed your daybook today :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. PTL about your Mom! Yes... Christmas has flown by without much time for us to enjoy. I didn't want it to go! :(

    Checking in from SWDB!

    Tänia of
    Simply God's Girl

  4. Just found this and love it. Love the photo of your darling daughter playing the piano:)


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