Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All about Flowers!

With all the rain, there isnt much going on outside, but this morning,   I was invited to  attend   the local  Garden Club... 
pencil drawing

and   I had  such a   grand time,  I think I'll join next many new things to learn about  horticulture and   design!
Each member is    committed to bringing in a specimen from their garden 3 times a year....  
 My friend, Gerri,  brought in this   gorgeous  dark  violet colored  specimen of  the 

 It was fascinating to me to see all the varieties of   local  flowers  and their   cute   vessels and   more importantly  the botanical names...
   I  love this     gorgeous type of hydrangea... the "Lace Cap"  is what I've ever known it to be called..
 These   caladiums  were   spectacular  specimens!

I had never seen  this member of the iris family before

  This  is a coreopsis

  And   lastly, the  
Leaving the    horticultural   displays   I  now turn to  the   top     show  displays....

This Ring Around the Rosy  took grand prize  today!  The program   today   demonstrated   miniature   designs...

In shows,   the scale of  a miniature design  can only   be displayed in a  5in x 5in or  an 8in x 8in  size...
  This pinterest  site  on miniature  floral   ideas   demonstrates   some  lovely designs..

I  found today that  any  group  that   one may  want to join is only as  good as   the   folks who  are members... and  these ladies a re   all   extremely    welcoming,   fun,     and  super- creative!     A  wonderful  adventure today!

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  1. So fun! can't believe all of those things could grow in your area. will be fun to find new things in your garden and think of creative ways to display them.

    happy 4th!!
    love you,


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