Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday

What a fun theme....every Friday folks join Lisa Jo Baker here... for Five Minute Friday.....where you write for five minutes on a topic she offers... this week the word is 

To write is the outward expression of the heart, 

the tangible means of sharing the feelings, truth, and soul of yourself..

whereas, the spoken words although powerful in and of themselves are only here in a breath and gone, the written word can last forever.... a testament to the writer.... or could be the evidence left behind which can illuminate the character.... whether the words are full of grace, or of a slanderous nature.... written words reveal much of the writer's life.... I pray my written words that are left behind will demonstrate that I was a loving, gracious, person who only saw and projected the good in people and purposefully pointed people to the True and living God of Creation and the redemptive work of His Son, Jesus Christ!

I do like this exercise.... this fits exactly the commission my students left to me my last day of school 10 years ago to keep writing and sharing the love of writing with others.


  1. Yes! I am joining you in that prayer...that our written words would become a window to our hearts and be a gift far after we've gone. Beautiful!

  2. Yes! I am joining you...may our written words be a window into our hearts and a gift that remains far after we've gone! Beautiful!


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