Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who has Time?? Not me! But If I Cudda Wudda!

I  am so inspired by the    stacked pumpkin  look!
outdoor fall decor
I  have searched high and low for just the  right  flat pumpkins,  but never  found any   that   looked   unblemished  in our area....   saw  some in  Boston area  last week,,, but we didnt have time to stop and   go through them!
Pumpkin Topiary
I had my planter  all picked out,,, you know the one  with the  dying  angel wing  begonias in it....  
I was  just going to  ask Lynn to move it around to the front porch in readiness,   but,,,   then  I ran out of time....   no time!
I   did   buy the perfect  white pumpkin I  planned to  place on the  top of my  gorgeous    arrangement  and was  collecting the  mosses and leaves to     finish off the total look...
but alas... it just never came together....I ran out of  has a way of getting in the way...   not dont get me wrong...   wonderful   things of life...
traveling 15  hours away   to see  my precious daughter and meet  our new  granddaughter  for the first time....

coming home   just time to    laundry my clothes and repack for   an awesome week long   lake house retreat with  my  BFF's and Prayer Sistas!
So IM not  complaining....  I just can't spare the time   this year   to stack pumpkins...   it is a cute  idea though!
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  1. Enjoy and congratulations.
    You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. A new granddaughter.... what a blessing. She's sooooo tiny!


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