Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Flag Day

This week we celebrated Flag Day,  a day to honor  Old Glory and the great nation  she represents..
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As  an Elementary School teacher  for thirty years, and daughter and grand daughter of  men who served in   both world wars, I understand  the meaning of our  glorious flag,  what it  truly represents and  how much  citizens should  show respect,  not to  a  pattern of stars and stripes, but  for the many who have served and sacrificed  to keep  America free and  to give us the very freedoms  that some use to   actually   treat  it ingloriously!  But  especially during this season  from Memorial Day  through  the Fourth of July, our household will proudly  fly  the Stars and Stripes  and  enjoy   how it gently waves  by our  front door!
So it  has been  a delight to me to  create a  table scape    to celebrate the red, white, and blue.
I am loving my  battery operated  lights  on the table... and  the fact that they twinkle will be  fantastic for  my  patriotic cookout  I'm planning!
I wasn't sure about using this Jacobean patterned   cloth,  but  it 's   almost faded  jeans  background color  just seems to work very well..  And I like it with my  English  transfer ware  pottery.
I love mix and match patterns... I just  got these  darling   Finlandia pattern  plates from  Tuesday Morning  for  $3.99 each! I am thrilled  that I have  some antiques  plates of the same pattern  that my mother  had collected... she loved navy  so much!  Here they are  paired with some Johnson Brother  transfer ware  I've had for some time!
Those super cute  red and navy flowers dotted with stars  were  picked up this week at Michael's  and I love how the daisy  blooms look so star like as well... 
 I'll enjoy this table scape for the next few  weeks  until  we  have our    celebratory  Fourth of July  party!
I especially love it  from my seat here in the kitchen  just as I glance into the dining room.  so much fun!!!

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Tablescape Thursday

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