Monday, June 12, 2017

Simple Woman Day Book

For Today~ June 12, 2017

Looking out my window... 
a  steamy, humid day is brewing....    not  so happy about   that...

I am thinking...
what to do about  my   badly blistered hand..  I burned it getting my tea cup out of the microwave Saturday....  dumb, dumb, dumb...  Hubs wants to pop the blisters on my  index finger...  yikes!!!

I am thankful..
that at least he is  wanting to do  what he deems best for me...   while I drum  up the courage,,  WAH!!

I am watching.....
I enjoyed my afternoon yesterday with Jesse Stone..   I wonder how many times I can  watch  it or the Blue Bloods  before I say, " aw,  I've  seen this one!"  It just doesn't seem to matter!
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I am  reading...
Obviously Im not a fast reader..  still working on  Somewhere  safe with Somebody Good by Jan Karon
I take it with me    but never have a chance to open it..  but it  is great!!!

I am listening to...
Oldies Goldies, radio

I am hoping... 
to get to visit my  Aunt Janice today...  we have a funeral to go to  in  the same county  where  she resides...  I haven't seen her in a couple of years since  the death of my mom  .  Aunt Janice  was  the next  sister of 6  to mom's age...  who  was the oldest. It is so hard to see  beloved family members  knowing it will probably the last time  you'll see them  on this side of heaven.Aunt Janice was  a home  economics teacher and   was  so crafty.  She taught me and  my daughter how to knit.  I'll always remember that visit  with her with  such fondness and love!
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I am learning...
to come to grips  with the finality in many things in this life...  loved ones  who are moving on  to eternity,   and just simple things  that  were at one time cherished that  have  fallen so out of favor  they  do longer exist except in my memory.

In the kitchen...
nothing spectacular..  too hot!

In my garden~
 This year we are  concentrating on potted   plants  all  around the porch...  My lavender  is  really doing well,, and  hopefully keeping  mosquitoes  away!!
I am loving my variegated  geraniums...
This  angel wing  begonia   is  very prolific this year!!!!  So showy!! 

We just planted  more  lavender  across the way    and they  becoming well established!  
I am hoping that  by midsummer when the kids  arrive  the porch will be a lush  haven  for dining and play!!
Around the yard,  hubs  used a bit of plant tone   to boost the blooming...

Things are looking great!!
Board Room
When the  weather gets too hot for me   to stand...  I love  to break out  my favorite old films  that  move me..Click the link for  my  board...need I even name these  blockbusters of their time!!!

The Secret Garden [1949] starring Margaret O'Brien.  A gorgeous classic. Begins in B+W then changes to colour in the garden!:   ONE OF THE BEST! The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in 1952. I will never get tired of watching it. Ever.:

Philadelphia Story:
just to name a few!!

Shared Quote
In research I found this lovely blog post
about whiling away an hour in a home....  and  it  really  registered with me..... what a  great idea to just  peruse  the books on  our own shelves and  spend a bit of time in a restfully creative reverie!
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A moment in my day:

While  enjoying  our luncheon on our front porch last week,  we  had  an exciting visit..

Image result for firemen painting the hydrant  silver and blue
A few pictures  tell the story!

Closing Notes
Take  some time to just be ... and read!!!
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