Monday, June 5, 2017

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For Today~ June 5, 2017

Looking out my window... 

I am thinking...
how blessed I am  by  my dear husband   who just handed me my fruited yogurt and  morning coffee!!!

I am thankful..
That even though my recovery last week form sinus surgery resulted in  a sinus infection,,   that  laid me low  mid week,  God provided me the strength and endurance to be able to go on  a    bus trip   with our  church to  Noah's Ark and  the Creation Museum...  It was  completely   awesome...  

I am wearing...white tee and  blue gingham Capri's

I am watching.....
HGTV and  Food Network...  plus  Netflix...   I don't enjoy much on network tv.

I am  reading...
Jan Karon's  Somewhere safe with Somebody Good!
Judges 16-18

I am listening to...
the  pitter patter of the rain!!!

I am hoping... 
hubs and I can get back into   the    floor work upstairs this week...  We still have two bedrooms to  move furniture,  and  tear out the  glued down carpet...   (installed  before we moved here) but  praise  the Lord  once we get the mastick off the floor  which  Hubs does with a  scraper and a heat gun,  the floors  are in good shape..  a  good cleaning and  waxing is all they  need..  then we  can put down our  gorgeous new  rugs  and  the  master will be  complete!!!

I am learning...
how to live with disappointment.   But it must be learned with  a huge  dose of grace and  forbearance.

In the kitchen...
the cupboards are bare and I have no  plans!   Today  I  go  for my post op  then  marketing..   hope something  materializes thereafter!

In my garden~
I have some  lavender  plants I purchased  last month and have been keeping  well watered...  I need to plant them  in planters for the front porch....lavender keeps mosquitoes away!!

Image result for lavender pots.

Board Room
I  am anxious  to  see our master in its completion..  This board  was my inspiration!

Jan's Page of Awesomeness! >.: Archive

We   took the color and the  shutters  from  this photo!

Shared Quote
Image result for june quotes

A moment in my day:
Deep in the bowels of  Noah's Ark....  it is truly amazing!!!
This is a representation of Noah's  compartment on  the upper level of the Ark.
A  store room.

Closing Notes
Go and be blessed!


  1. I love that color for paint! And I have never heard of lavender repelling mosquitoes!! I need lavender!!

  2. I have never heard of lavendar for repelling mosquitoes either! What a great tip. =)

    Noah's Ark looks amazing!


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