Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Borrowed a Great idea Today from The Enchanted Rose!!

I was  blog hopping this morning  and   when I  read Stephanie's blog, The Enchanting Rose,  I was   completely taken by her post today ....
where she  is sharing  the  things that she is really into  during these  spring days.
It  gladdened me  because so much of my spring Ive been dealing with breathing issues from   my terrible allergies  that  resulted in  sinus surgery  a couple of weeks ago.
This meme  makes me  ponder and appreciate the  small  blessings of life that  have  helped me though the trials  of the past few months..
Music is one  wonderful art form I  must  have in my life daily...
and  I am  so  enthralled  at this moment with the tiny part of the  Ark Encounter  that I brought home with me...  the music played  throughout the whole experience at the  Ark in Kentucky  is  so   amazingly beautiful.. You can get a taste of it here.The Ark encounter Promo  which is  on Youtube within a  playlist of other related  videos.. Be sure you listen to the "Promo"

The music on the  CD  is  available at the  Ark Encounter online store...  if  it touches you like it does me  I can only say it is  incredible  how it moves  me, it  puts you and  your spirit  right into the story, and I highly recommend  visiting not only the Ark, but, also, the Creation Museum located near Lexington, Ky.

Yesterday,  another  new  form of entertainment I recently ordered and  have  received is  the  fabulous  Blu-ray version of  the new film, Beauty and the Beast.  Hubs actually  watched it with me last night.  When I was  with  Amanda, our daughter in March,  who  grew up watching the cartoon version  with me...  so many times... it was  our very favorite  one  of all...   She and I  went to  see  "Beauty"  at the cinema and it was  thrilling and  so nostalgic to  watch it with her... I had to add  it to our film library...  and am sure I'll watch it again and again. I mean  what else is any good on tv...

On a more personal care note... for Mother's Day, Amanda  had attended  a session  in the Boston area  where  she was  able to create  her own essential oil (aroma therapy) I suppose.. She created a  wonderful  compound   including lavender, peppermint,  and  something marvelous that I can roll-on    that  aids  in breathing and  I just love first  experience with essential oils and  I think Im a believer!!
With my Allergies Away  Roll-on..
Last fall  while visiting my  dear cousin in NC her guest bath was fitted out with everything we could possibly need... and I  fell in love with her shampoo...  and  what made it so perfect  is that it is readily available  at Amazon  and Walmart  at  very competitive prices...  it  makes your hair feel so  full and  luxurious  that lasts  for  a few days... my skin is so dry I  don't shower  but  about four times a week.  But I don't have to wash my hair each time which is great!!!

And  another personal item I  enjoy so much  is  an age old product  from Evelyn Crabtree...
the  lotion and body wash....

From the Mitford series, Father Tim's  lovely wife, Cynthia,  always  mesmerized him  with her  wafting scent of wisteria.. I love  wisteria, too.. 
When I wear it  I dream I am living here
Image result for english cottage with wisteria

Craftwise, I am deep in the throes of planning and assembling the parts for two fairy gardens for my dear granddaughters to play with when they come this summer.

This is just part of the items I have, as I will be creating one garden for each of the girls, Birdie, and Lady Bug!!! Then we also bought each of them fairy costumes to play dress up and create fairy dances while they are here... If only I knew when they were coming... the date changes everytime I inquire. Oh, well, they'll be here when they get here!!

Foodwise, I am so loving this product we recently discovered... I am not much of a fish eater, but I do love these filets.
  They  heat up for a  quick supper...  we  eat them  like  filets instead of  as  sandwiches..  the meat is  very nice  quality and  mildly  fishy... which for me is a  home run!  These with a  salad or slaw and  baked potatoes  and  you have a yummy,  healthy supper!
Well, I hope Stephanie  doesn't mind that I borrowed her idea,  but  to  really  recount those things that we love  is a  great  way to lift the spirit and  count our blessings!!

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  1. This is really a great idea for a post...someone needs to start a new meme! Thanks for sharing your favorites :)


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