Monday, June 19, 2017

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For Today~ June 19, 2017

Looking out my window... 

Cloudy with a big chance of storms starting anytime lasting well into the evening.... the ground is saturated so I can anticipate flooding... we have cleared all our outside drains.... praying no water gets in the basement!!!

I am thinking...
about the video I watched on Face book a while ago about the unrest and shootings in Myrtle Beach...I am so saddened by the turmoil that keeps festering around the country brought about by so much hate speech, intolerance, twisted truths and outright lies. I never thought Id see the day that my dear country would to be so divided and hate filled!

I am thankful..
that I know  who  I have believed and    know  that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him until that day of His coming  or until calls me home!

I am watching.....
I'm sure I watch it for  an escape to a happy place...   but I do still watch a couple of YouTube videos every night   on  Escape to the Country..  When  you have  45 minutes   to  do something special for yourself  watch  this episode.

I am  reading...
I am not going to apologize today for still reading Jan Karon's book, because I realize  I  am  savoring it.. 
  Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good,  and I only read  a couple  times a week.  and it is a weighty book.

I am listening to...
I love our  Oldie  Goldie station....
Got NO Time  by  The Guess Who   oooooeeeeee!!!!
Now it  is Stormy by the Classics Four

I am hoping...
Hubs is outside  trying to get a  few  outside chores accomplished  before the rain  begins in earnest..  I hope  he can get   my last flats of  annuals planted.....  the ground may be too wet.. but it is a well drained area... Ever since I  burned my hand  and  these blisters a re  still healing   I don't do yard work.  

I am learning...
still trying to be  satisfied waiting..  I  seem to  be  rather impatient in my  older age!

In the kitchen...
Yesterday for Father's day I made the most delectable  pot of homemade  spaghetti sauce..  It was  delish...  So glad we have enough for lunch today... When I do my own sauce I use Cento  tomato sauce and  add my own seasonings...and   along with the salt I added a  T. of  brown sugar...   I started with  of course   onions,  red peppers and  lean ground beef...  added the sauce,  and then  garlic,  basil, oregano,  thyme,  and even a bit of turmeric because it is so good  for you. Anyway, it simmered on stove top for a few hours...  and  was just  wonderful..  Hubs   first word  during his first bite  was  "ummmmmmmm,  good!"

In my garden~
Just waiting for the rains. again!!! Looks like Hubs will not be planting today.

Board Room
Since I didn't have  anything to share on gardens,  I  found  some new pins to  share to my  Favorite Gardens on pinterest.

Cottage garden

I absolutely love Cottage gardens...

Shared Quote
Image result for flower quotes

A moment in my day:
Yesterday  I really enjoyed rifling through so many photographs  to   recreate  the life of my dad,  born in 1919, served in WW2,    raised his family through the 50 and 60's ,  

Image may contain: 2 people
 dad on left

retired in  the mid 80's  and  enjoyed a long life  until he was  called home in 2013.
He was  such a  good, really tender hearted, man..well-loved..  and he  loved his family  and  his church..  he was a hard worker and a  great provider... a keen example of the unconditional love of Christ!  And I love and miss him so much!!!

Closing Notes 
 Be blessed and be a blessing!

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