Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Fave Five

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This has been  an interesting week...for me it is definitely a week of learning... learning about myself...the world.... and  God.
1.I  seem to write  much about this journey  started  back in early September  when  it  was  found I had a squamish cc right on the tip of my nose.  For the last  two months I have had it impressed on me over and over again that that is the very worst place  for a woman to  have    any cancer..
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First, of all I am extremely thankful that  it was  no worse than Squamish cc,  that it was  discovered  early,  and especially that the  MOHS surgeon only had to take 1 swipe  in cutting it all away  and telling me I am now cancer free.  But the  wound itself covers the whole top of the tip of my nose...  so  I learned  to  banish  vanity in my life and  to trust God and go with  the ebb and flow of  daily living!
2.Over the last two weeks I have had the  removal,  and  the  phase one  of  reconstruction.  I,  furthermore, have learned  to  slow my pace of living  ... in some cases  brave the world  of strangers and their curious looks,  endless explanations.. and   that it is okay to just deny myself the pleasure of running around and  enjoy the  sweetness of solitude.
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3 I have, also,  learned of God's loving kindness expressed through friends cards, calls, the tangible  prayers  of  so many loved ones  throughout  this journey!It is such a sweet  reminder  to the heart  when  one goes through life  relatively unscathed  and  feeling  sometimes a bit unnoticed,   but then it  is through the trial and  suffering  that God    allows  us to   endure, that   at the same time  we are  lavished  with the  caring concerns of others.
I  pray that I will  purpose  my life to  attend to  that same loving concern  for others  during the good times of life!
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4.I have learned  just how  wonderful  our loving Father  truly is..  His  strengthening presence in times of  when  without Him  we would feel  completely abandoned... I am thinking of those  solitary moments  after your family must leave you  and go to the waiting room  before  the orderlies come to wheel into surgery... That could be such a lonesome  road  to travel  without Him. Praise God I never   am alone.  And His presence strengthens us in  courage, faith, and  even,  joy  as we  march onto  the  unknown  with Him by our side!
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5.  Even as I  sit here on  day 3 following   the beginning of phase two with 10 days to go...this stage   is definitely a time of growing..  the rejuvenation of  new healthy tissue... my own strength and confidence that God is still with me even when I look in the mirror and  see  the  open wound,  hoping for its bright red  color.. the color of  proper healing and life...   because it is  only covered with a clear  plastic -like  disc sewn into place.  This helps to incubate the fertile grown  being prepared for  its  graft  in 10 days.  I need God's confidence and  aid in  bearing  up under  the  tension of  not disturbing  this  new focus on my face...  not to jar it,  touch it,  cover it,, to roll over on it in the night...  not to bump into the wall in the dark of night  ... surly God is birthing  something new in me too,    as I deal with and learn from this  new focus  in living!  This may sound very trite  when others  endure so much more  in  their suffering...  for, truly, I feel no pain,  I do  have  a light at this  short travail... I suppose it is just that we become so comfortable in our lives..  one day so much like the  next.. very little in inconvenience us.  Then suddenly  things are turned  topsy turvy.... God allows it  to grow us.. to stretch us... to  mature us..  prepare us  for the next  stage  of something.. Oh, He and His Word can perfect me in such a way to please God and  demonstrate His glory  to others  on this journey He set before me!
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  1. Blessings to you as you walk through this difficult season of your life. The Word of God is faithful to get us through!!

  2. prayers to you as yumrecover from the skin cancer! what a mighty God we serve..He is with us in all of these different seasons of our journey.

  3. That would be so hard to deal with an open wound right there where you see it all the time and others do as well. I'm so glad they got all the cancer and pray the reconstruction goes well. It's so good to rest in the Lord and let Him grow us through these things.

  4. I love your attitude focusing on God during this time. Yes, it is true we are never ever alone.
    Have a great week!

  5. I love how you still looked for good blessings from the Lord during this week. Saying a prayer for your next step in the process and a quick and complete recovery.


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