Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, and Happy Monday!!!
It's a great morning for Happy Homemaker Monday!

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Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
I owe it all to Hubs!!! He fixed our  marvelous coffee, my fruited yogurt and then later  a slice of perfectly fried sausage and Crumpet with apple butter!   Yum!!!

Right now I am:::: 
I am listening to Pandora, a smooth piano jazz piece!  AH!!!!!

The weather outside::::
There is the threat of rain  today, now it is chilly, dark and drear...  a  lovely November day.. it puts me in a mood to think  the upcoming holidays!
 photo 45c3ceea-732d-47e8-b85e-18559b7e84c9_zpsfmd9ut4a.jpg

Looking around the house::::
My early autumn decor is growing a bit stale on me....  time to be thinking Thanksgiving!!!  UMMM!

On today's to do list::::

Cleaning.....Dust, and Swiffer the hardwoods  down and up. 

Cooking....Get my homemade spaghetti sauce  going

Currently reading::::
Got back into my  fun time travel  books by Lynn Kurland... I bought  her latest novels in prep for my  recuperation  of my nasal reconstruct...  I just started Ever My Love...  very promising..  much in  the vein of   Outlander, but not as graphic.. I've read all of her time travel books and  they never  disappoint!!!

On the TV today::::
So sad to say we finished  Doc Martin over the weekend thanks to Acorn tv...We love that show so much!!!  Nothing like it!!!!
Enjoyed Poldark, and what makes it interesting is that  we  previously  borrowed and viewed  the  original series of Poldark  from the 70's... and now it  is fun to compare notes... sometimes it is hard to differentiate...  and  even though we know what is going to happen  this cast is much better!!!!
Some of the Hallmark movies  have been enjoyable. but alas, not all of them.. some are only .  eh! But Saturday I really liked this one..My Christmas Love!
On the menu for tonight::::
Home made Spaghetti.. 
 using  my special sauce  made from Cento  sauce..  woudn't use any other!!! Add 1 lb, lean ground beef,a bit of garlic, onion flakes,  thyme, Italian seasoning, salt, and a pinch of sugar..  all to taste... simmer for  a couple of hours.
Italian baguette
Tossed salad

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
Sit outside and  try to capture a critter or two on film.. I understand there is a hawk in the immediate area today...  well, they have to eat, too!!!  Beware, chipmunks!  

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::
Chicken Marsala

Looking forward to this week::::
Later in the week  we will attend   a monthly teaching on  Prophecy today..  This month he will be teaching about the  devastating storms and  events  we are seeing  more and more frequently and  how they  line up with what the Bible says  about the times we are  now living in...  Along that line,  my thoughts and prayers go out to  the  Community in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The church really needs to wake up and  realize that this spiritual battle against it  is becoming more physical    and act accordingly in prayer and in preparation!

Favorite photo from the camera::::

The  gorgeous sunrise  the morning  last week  when we drove to Charlottesville for my  appt with my  plastic surgeon!

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses::::
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  1. Greetings from southwest Missouri, Schotzy! A lovely post! The chicken marsala looks absolutely delicious and I love the shot of your fireplace! So homey and inviting! Yes, our hearts go out to those in Sutherland Springs. The prophecy teaching sounds great. World events...the's all related to end time events being played out in our day and age. What an exciting time to be alive! Have a blessed week ahead! <3

  2. That sunrise photo is spectacular! Hope you get to see your hawk (but I also hope the little chipmunks see him in time to run away). Have a wonderful week.

  3. Good Morning. We are also having Spaghetti tonight, your sauce sounds amazing. What size Cento do you use? That chicken Marcela looks scrumptious. Hope you have a lovely day.

  4. I really enjoyed your post! I adore Poldark as well! I actually love anything history based! I hope you have a blessed week!

  5. Came down to work on my actual computer and saw your blog bookmarked! haha, sorry i haven't visited for awhile!

    You should read the Poldark books! So much like the show and sometimes better!

    Love those verses from Psalms.

    love you, a

  6. Love your photo and your bible verse! And your blog is absolutely beautiful! I could just get lost somewhere near that lake! :) nice to meet you, and join with you in the linky party! :)

  7. I'm running late this week with getting back from up north and getting sick right away. The time change is also messing with me BIG time too. I LOVE your sunrise photo! Have a MGREAT week.


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