Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn Moods

The autumn rains usher in the seasonal temperature decline and the prospect of ever increasing color outside... a welcome relief for the dry, crispy browns of late summer. Yet inside the tones on these rainy days offer varying degrees of autumnal energy... I offered the health tip this week in our Body Builders class and my research demonstrated that autumn is time of grieving..... I suppose as the year begins its downward decline toward winter's dormacy, as living things go into deep repose... so as I walk around my home I feel this same sense of grief in the light from room to room.
Almost like a still-life, this vignette by the stairs lies in the deep shadows of the retreating sun, offering up its melancholy cry which pierces my soul...yet soothes my fevered spirit that has long, last come to this place of seasonal rest and introspection. My autumn health research offered a few ideas to feed into this "autumnal grieving process" :
  • to listen to old music and reconnect with those days of yore
  • spend some time enjoying old photo albums, or organize those old photos,,, particularly label the people for posterity
  • go and visit a person you havent seen in some time and reconnect over a cup of tea

Absolutely, dont linger in the past or dwell on things that you wish had been different, but definitely, develop a plan to improve things in your life now... to make it happier for others..... and along the way your life will be blessed...

and if the dark days of autumn really begin to get to you,,, then turn on some light for goodness sakes!


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