Wednesday, September 1, 2010

God's Provision

I am always amazed at just how loving and gracious our heavenly Father actually is.... that He is relational... and desires to know me and care for my inner most needs is awesome... a word I try to reserve just for HIm... For He, alone, exemplifies the word!

Just when I need encouragement the most He is there... even bringing a new friend I didnt even know I had with such blessing and uplifting words of affirmation that brings joyful tears of wonder to my eyes.... God gave me the desire of blogging when I retired... an outlet of expression that has opened so many doors to me... but none as wonderful as the opportunity to"bring " new friends from all across the planet into my life... connecting kindred spirits enabling us to share into each others lives and pour revelation of God's wondrous love into one another.... I thank you all and I give God the glory for everything beautiful in my life....

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