Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Book, God's Cure for the Post Christian Syndrome

Our study on the book by our teacher, Jim Tarter, describes the church today as a dry wilderness.. whereby one might experience widespread treacherous betrayal, gossip, slander, and a loss of unselfish love which is causing a lack of peace and joy as well as unity... He goes on to say that widespread arrogance breeds unhealthy competition and put-downs from almost everywhere... A loss of good character in the marketplace, our government, schools, the family, and our entertainment, all demonstrate symptoms of an underlying disease in our country and our churches.... that underlying diseas, the dry wilderness, has a underlying cause which is the christians' lack of honoring God... allowing Him to become irrelevant in our society... this current predictament is foretold in the book of Malachi..a must read as we continue on with this thread of thought in up-coming posts!

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