Friday, January 7, 2011

Marking Time

This afternoon I was visiting around blogland and came upon a favored site entitled Hospitable Pursuits and my interest was piqued by her post on marking time. I got to thinking about how very dependent I am on my calendar. My goodness, don't ever let anyone tell you that retirement is boring.. I am much more busy now than I ever was when I was working full time it seems. My calendar fills up before the end of the first week of a month usually. So I thought I'd share just a bit about my January calendars. Like most folks I used to enjoy going shopping for just the right calendar that would encourage me every month of the year, but now it seems we receive so many nice calendars in the mail, there is hardly a reason to dole out cash for a new one. I created this collage of just the calendars that my husband has brought to me this year. He has many more in his office.
Just by looking at this at first glance I made up my mind in a jiffy which one I would choose every year to actually hang by my desk. And it's/not even a 2011 calendar, but the wonderful one that Amanda made up for us in 2009 of photos of her and Joshua, which you see center front... the others are ones that I just piled onto the shelf... you see at my desk I really only use the online google calendar which is synched to my ipod which I love so I dont actually need a calendar by my desk... oh,, but what's that?
Let me zero in on that one there at the top left!
This one is my life line.. the one I carry in my purse and whenever appointments are made or events are planned, breakfast dates with my friends... these very important dates are at first planned on my handy pocket calendar...
If I lose this one, well, I'd really not be very happy if I lost it! So on the host blog when Lisa asked her reader (me) if I considered myself a calendar girl? Id have to answer an unequivocably, "yes, indeed!" My days are ruled, organized, and dependent on a my $2.49 pocket calendar!


  1. Me too! I couldn't get along without my planner!

    Love you,
    a :)

  2. Hi Schotzy!
    Thanks so much for the sweet shout out! I love all your calendars! It's so great that you can get them free. Our bank stopped giving calendars away...go figure. The bank calendars always seemed to have the prettiest landscapes.:) Your calendar certainly looks full. I hope it's all fun stuff .:)


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