Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook ( Two days late)

FOR TODAY The First week of January

Outside my window... Well, since I am way off schedule and it is Wednesday evening, at 9:26 pm, it is dark and very still. This has been a rather hectic day... one that I have been planning for for some weeks. And now it has come and gone and I am feeling very little pressure so it is a relaxed evening to just sit and ponder the direction of things yet to come.

I am thinking... How the days of life come and go with such rapidity :one very like the one before... yet the mystery of what each new day may bring is the spice of life that makes each day worth the living.

I am thankful for... how wonderful it is to have my f aith and trust in the Lord... how He goes before me preparing the way before me, and I have nothing to fear...

From the kitchen... thankfully the only meal I had to prepare today was my breakfast. Church tonight prepared our dinner.... unfortuantely, my vision for dinner seems foggy to say the least these days....

I am wearing... my black velvet slacks and red sweater....

I am creating... my notes from which I will be team teaching the Bibles Study on the book, A Praying Life which we will begin in Women's Evening BS starting later in the month.

I am going... to be starting back in the senior choir starting in the morning.. what a wonderful outlet for fun, fellowship, and sharing the gifts the Lord has given all to His praise, honor and glory!

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Edward Miller The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck

I am hoping... to be able to keep the challenging list of resolutions or let's just say "goals" I have set before myself. All worthy and purposeful in my life to help bring me into better alignment with my maker and my Lord...

I am hearing... actually the clicking of the keys of my keyboard is breaking the silence of this very peaceful evening.

Around the house... well,,, tomorrow I really need to bring the Christmas boxes back upstairs and strip the Christmas trees and store the decorations back into the store room...we usaully do keep the trees up unitl the 12th day of Christmas which is tomorrow. I rather am always disappointed to take it all down.

One of my favorite things... is the spirit of expectation that permeates the home beginning right after Thanksgiving and lasts until the last day of Christmas... the hope and thrill of all the possible scenarios that may transpire over the holidays... just to anticipate the possibility of Christmas joy and family/ friend gatherings brings me much satisfaction. Once the time is past and its time to settle in for the long hard winter,,, a spark of new resolve to create something better in the new year begins to take root. Always something to press in for ... that is a glorious thing to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Thursday- choir, finish laundry, Friday- time with my parents, continue working on my Bible Study research, Saturday- Bible Study with my prayer team a t Lois's House , Sunday- worship luncheon out and time to reflect

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

Last Saturday we put the kids back on the train to send them home after the Christmas visit. Always bittersweet, they live so far away, and we dont see them very often, but is so good to know that they are happy, serving the Lord just where the Lord wants them to be, and creating a wonderful life together...
With that I wish every one a very happy new year for 2011!
For the 2011 edition of The Simple Woman's Daybooks visit Peggy here!

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