Monday, January 17, 2011

The SImple Woman's Daybook



Outside my window... it is Monday night and there is the threat of icy conditions come in the morning... I think it has been rather bitter cold the past few days with a hint of frozen drizzle in the air... or it could be that I am just getting older and the cold temperatures are affecting me more than usual.

I am thinking... we are approaching the 38th anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade and just how horrible it is to have lost so many innocent lives for the sake of those who demand the right to choose over the right to live... where is the justice in that?

I am thankful for... the Bible, God's holy Word... pertinent and relevant through all time,, unchangeable, infallible, and full of hope for this dying world.

From the kitchen... today I slowly stewed a lovely pound of lean beef all morning with a packet of dry onion soup, then this afternoon I added in quartered onions, carrots, and potatoes with some salt and pepper and continued a slow braise for about 90 minutes. Yum was it ever delicious!

I am wearing... well, today I wore navy slacks, khaki sweater and navy cardigan but now Im ready for bed so Im all cosy in my white terry robe!

I am creating... I went to Office Max this weekend and bought a lovely pen set that was on the clearance table and a wonderful travelogue binder. I am inspired to start a journal of my dream trip to the United Kingdom. In this journal I intend to find all types of route numbers and places to stop along our way. I plan to copy off maps and pictures of dream side trips along my journey. By doing this I may be able to better plan how long my dream trip will actually take then I can figure out where the money is coming from !

I am going... to be calling in the morning to get manicure appointments for Saturday for Amanda and I as we prepare to attend Amanda's best friends bridal shower. I love mother-daughter things like this! SO looking forward to her arrival Friday night

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Paul Miller The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck

I am put more attention and focus on my Monday morning Bible Study in First Place for Health. Ive lost my momentum in that area and need to regroup!

I am hearing... an occasional auto drive past the house tonight.. I dont think the freezing drizzle has started yet... but soon!

Around the house... I need to start to rethink the decor.... the house still retains its wintry tone and I'm thinking it's time to start thinking Valentine's Day... that always is fun because then spring is right around the corner!

One of my favorite things... music... and this week I intend to change my blog music yet again I have been completely entranced with the Acapella sound of the group, Glad!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Monday- today Lynn was off for MLK Day and we enjoyed a leisurely morning... then I had First Place Bible Study and met the prayer team for lunch at Soro. It was fabulous.. I love those gals! Tuesday- I need to spend the morning on housework and then later I'll be taking my parents to the doctor Wednesday- I need to do a bit of Bible Study and organizing around here and then we have dinner at church and Cary's Bible Study Thursday- choir and Women's Thursday night Bible Study on prayer in the evening. Friday Amanda comes for the weekend! YAYAYAY! Saturday- manicure and shower dinner here with the family Sunday- hopefully take Amanda to church to meet our pastor before she will have to leave us... a world wind trip home but ... I'll take it!

Here is picture I thought Id share with you :

Just a few inspirations for Valentine's Day at our house
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  1. Looking forward to seeing you too! Love you and hope you have a good week!


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