Monday, January 31, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


FOR TODAY  The last day of January 2011

Outside my window... it has been a terribly bleak and damp kind of day,  I was supposed to get out and go
,to church this morning, but I just am not feeling up to par today.    I thought maybe a day in and saying nice and warm would do me good.

I am thinking...   today is the birthday of my very dearest friend and   colleague, Pam.  She would have been 64 today, but she went to be with the Lord ten years ago...  we taught side by side for many years.... we  traveled around the Mid Atlantic together   leading reading seminars at teacher's conferences.  Planning and executing extraordinary   activities was our forte... we loved working together.  I have missed her terribly, but Im sure she is busy at work in heaven planning events  in preparation for something grand..

I am thankful for... my husband... he is a true blessing to me and our family!  I think of him more and more as Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

From the kitchen...I am moving into a fruit and veggie mode, so Im thinking a nice fruited winter salad for dinner this evening.  

I am wearing... my white turtle neck and navy slacks.  just simple and comfy.. thats on my plan for today!

I am plans for creating this week

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Paul Miller;  The Peacemaker by Ken Sande; Growing in the fruit of the Spirit, a Bible Study Series

I am get more energy since I recently  started taking a b complex vitamin
  I have always taken the B-12 but I'm movin' on up!

I am hearing...  the romantic tunes that I love on my blog.   Hope you a re enjoying the music!

Around the house...laundry .... I can never seem to get ahead of it... and get pick up.

One of my favorite things...china/dishes...  I went to Marshall's last week and I just felt something luring me on to the housewares department.  When I arrived at that one delicious ailse... you know the one....  with all then dreamy odds and ends of china ware... there it was   the most delightful set of 6 dinner plates and 6 matching bowls.  Made in England ...Royal Stafford... for a song in price..  me,me, me!    I'll share more about it on a pater post.  But I LOVE it!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Well, not much!  And it's a good thing because as I said before I just don't feel like doing much of anything!  The forecast is rain, drizzle, cold, cold, cold, miserable weather.  Too much for me to have to tackle feeling as I do so I intend to stay put!   I do have to go to church a couple times this week for studies, etc, choir practice, and a doctor's appt. to check on my eyes.. following the flashing episode for a few weeks ago.  But I intend to stay pretty close to home all week!
Here is picture I thought Id share with you :
Since we 're coming up on Valentine's Day soon I am reminded of all the people and things that I love!
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