Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something to Grin About

I dont  know what it is about  autumn...  it should be a  time of   rest and reflection  of the months gone by...    but   as  a teacher,  it was  the gearing up time.....   new beginnings,, and that  same   element  of  gearing up  has  spilled over into my retired life....  new Bible Studies....    choir start ups,  ....  time to  join  in new  civic    organizations....  church committee... the list goes on and on ...
I dont know about you, but  as I  get in gear up mode my  body  sort of  fights back....  it always has,   especially back in my teaching days.   Trying to     get  all those balls in the air  and  keep them there   was no easy task.... these days  I  offset my  anxiety  of  busy-ness  by beginning each day with my morning  dose of  facebook..
  I mean   autumn just  says   "take a break"....

0r,  "come up and sit a spell!"
because there is so much to   just  rejoice over!
all of the above photos   are   from    the Porch Sitting Union of America   site on fb.
  My latest  copy of Tea Time magazine  quotes William Cullen Bryant, 
" Autumn... the year's last loveliest smile"

  So  I  look around  my home and see if I can find  smiling  autumn  faces....for even though autumn is still a 
couple of weeks away,   home should at least  beginning   its  fallish grin!
The  hutch in the dining  room  is   gradually   beginning  to   grin, I think... 
 A sense of   merriment  and  warmth of color    speaks,   "Come on in and     maybe you'll be offered  a  cuppa something!"

When I turn to the table  I see a definite  shift to   autumn's  hues..I   love the   black and white    for   this time of year.. it   is inspired by my  latest  set  of transferware

The Herdsman, I   am working on  collecting!

I  love  the black and  white   juxtaposed    with the   colors of autumn...   they   make  such a striking  contrast  which to me   gives  an element of drama! 
and it  gives me  the  wonderful opportunity to   enjoy my  pewter and  more  rusticated  implements....
Now that is something to grin about!
PS...the completed look is yet to come.....   soon!

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  1. Your home looks lovely and I like the black and white with the fall colours too. I'm visiting from Sandi's party "HOME". Blessings, Pamela

  2. The photo of your adirondack chairs is fabulous! I would love to sit in that spot with a cup of tea and just contemplate my surroundings. So enchanting. I also saw that quote in Tea Time. I earmarked it myself to use on my blog as well. It's such a lovely quote! Enjoy the fall!

  3. Lovely table settings, as always. You have a knack for capturing the season!

  4. You have a lovely home. I really like what it says on the plate. The black and white transferware is just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this at my HOME and have a delightful weekend.


  5. Absolutely, gorgeous, Schotzy! Love the fall scenes and your tablescape is marvelous - the black and white does offset the brilliant fall colors beautifully. I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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