Friday, July 10, 2015

Before and After Stage 3

Well, Lynn has been painting on the   old cabinet  frames  on the old side of the kitchen this week..  he finished the second coat and they look   fabulous....  just in time for the granite folks from Johnson Granite in Mount Airy, NC...

 here you can see   the  new paint on the base cabinet..  He will paint the doors and  drawers  this afternoon!!   Our new under mount sink is  lying there in the   cabinet....    my excitement  is rising!

More later!!!   I'm just  upstairs  awaiting the epoxy smell to   dissipate a bit!  Ok, so I took a couple more photos this afternoon with  better light...
 Well,  we had  so much to  make up for  this afternoon,,, no painting got done.. tomorrow is another day!  But it is hard to wait to see it all come together! We did  pick out our  replacement  ceiling fan today...   that  brassy white one we have now  looks so shabby... yayayayay  I will  be   extremely happy to  have the  cabinet doors painted and   we wont have to look  into and see how  jumbled they   are....  I still have much to  purge  in those cabinets

I am going to enjoy my new computer station...  our wonderful installer  is  creating a  back board    that will cover   the      burgundy    with   a foam board    in a  matching tone....  just for fun we did look at new appliances today... not  sure about that yet or not....  we've never  done every thing all at once in  our married life of 43 years....    we always  have something to look forward to. 
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  1. WOW!! the granite looks GREAT!!!!!!

    love you!


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