Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pink Saturday

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My Jim Shore  Angel of the Home    presides over the sunroom  today...  it feels great to have this room put back together
A bit of holiday spirit 
 Amanda  told me today  I have to  purge  about    another    shelf full of cook books...  This is what happens when you had plenty and then you added in your mother's...   how to decide!?!?!!?!
Still a lot  of  stuff.. you wouldnt believe how much I have donated already....  trying to  trim down... truly! 


  1. I really need to do that.What I thought was so important years ago, means nothing now.

  2. I am always saying that I need to purge, and when I do I find I bring more in, I guess us ladies just love stuff!~smile~ Hope you are enjoying your day.

  3. Proud of you! hutch looks great :) to get rid of some of those CDs and cases.... when was the last time you listened to some of them?? ;-) At least force yourself to get rid of 20 or so, so they all fit in that spinny thing ;-D

    love you!

  4. Such lovely home decor ideas. Thank you for a delightful Pink Saturday.

    Have a blessed and beautiful week,

    Kaye Swain

  5. P.S. Woohoo - just spotted your badge for the Mad Tea Party - isn't that a fun blog party. I'm headed there too! See you next week :)

  6. I've been trying to purge but it's hard when I keep acquiring things. I love Jim Shore but I have limited myself to only Santas, pilgrims, and patriotic. Actually, I have a couple of Easter eggs and a bunny. Oh, no! I'm not doing as well as I thought!


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