Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bible Study

I am so excited that this summer the Women's Ministry team at my wonderful church is doing a Beth Moore study on The Patriarchs. This is what Beth, herself, has to say about this study:
What truth from The Patriarchs are you most excited about teaching?"I'd say the encounters that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had with God. The fact that God brought Himself into a visitation with these characters and the revelation of God Himself in Genesis.
"I'm also anxious for women to see how all of this fits together - how the genealogy of the patriarchs gives such insight into the present state of Israel. On top of that, to see that we are Abraham's seed, so this lineage and history are part of our connection, our spiritual heritage."
I am so excited because our church has never done a summer study before and there was a huge response to this yesterday. How wonderful that women are seeking to know more and more about the scriptures and the awesome God we serve!

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