Thursday, May 8, 2008

Through the Open Door

New life is opened unto me. New purpose emersed in a new resolve to serve God in new dimensions. His light has revealed to me my position in His kingdom as one who carries Christ's authority into the world. Beyond the door lies opportunity to move into His Kingdom work. The harvest is ripe to overflowing! The need is screaming for relief! My hands are outstretched in supplication and intercession. My voice cries aloud to God for His mercy, His healing power, His provision, his wisdom, His love to flow through me to sow to a dying world. Empower me, Lord with your grace, your Holy Spirit. Keep me ever closer in true worship and intimacy, that I may be your useful receptacle. I pray for more of You, Lord! More of You! It is all You! Lord, All You, and for YOU! Praise your holy name, To you be all praise and Glory, AMEN!

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  1. The door does hold an extraordinary amount of mystery and responsibility


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