Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Support of Godly Friends

I never even met them, not truly in the physical realm. I met them in the spirit, though. I am speaking of my Cyber Mitford neighbors. I lived in"Mitford" for four years- four years of sharing, fellowship, and growing in my spiritual testimony. The porch was a very cosy place to visit each morning, share a glass of sweet tea, and mingle with other sojourners who wished to pass some time. Of course, time there was so pleasant one could easily wile away a few hours over the course of a day. There one could find friendship, encouragement, prayer, and a friendly ear to speak of things beyond this world, speak of the treasures being stored in our heavenly home.
There I met Liz, and Julie, Juli, Gina, and a couple of Jans. There was also a very special Mary, a Laura, and a dear sweet Pamela. everyone of these precious women bless my life in ways beyond earthly understanding. Each one so different- some so domestic, motherly, others with the capacity to love with such huge hearts, others so demonstrative and bold in things of faith. One thing that particularly tickles me is that if we could all join hands we would span this whole great nation- we, each, live so far apart, yet we all hold one thing particularly in common. Our heavenly home awaits us, each one, and there we will definitely continue our favored pasttime of all- serving and worshipping our wonderful God and Savior. To you, my friends, your support and friendship mean more to me than you will ever know! God bless you, every one!


  1. Awww, Carolyn, what a sweet post and you made me blush! I will miss you in Mitford. I'm so glad to have met you there!


  2. You are my friend and sister.



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