Friday, May 23, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Show and TellThis special post is a collaborative effort to join in with other bloggers in sharing and telling about our special treasures. I look forward to showing my favorites as time goes on. And thanks so much to Kelli, in Texas for allowing us to link together for this great blog sharing experience! By clicking onto her blog, you, too, can visit other Show and Tell sites or join into the fun!

This is my latest oil painting I finished this spring. This particular work was actually the result of a Bob Ross class, which I found immensely enjoyable, yet this work was hardly creative. Mainly, I enjoyed learning new techniques of shading and textures.

Another spring painting from the BR class was this May basket. This was my first real attempt at flowers. Now my interest in painting flowers is peaked and I definitely will be trying my hand at them in the coming weeks.

This work was done following my daughter's leaving home for college. In an effort to overcome the empty nest syndrome I resorted to making her my art subject which actually helped very much in passing those long empty hours.

This final composition was actually my first effort working with my dear teacher, Dorothy.


  1. Your paintings are lovely. What a great thing to learn to do.

  2. I admire people who can paint. It is a wonderful gift.

  3. Lovely things!...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

  4. Your post brings back memories of my youthful aim to be a part-time artist. However other things took precedence and I collected art works instead.

  5. I have always wished that I could paint! Bob Ross always made it look so easy!

    "Maybe you have a little tree that lives here".

    Thanks for sharing


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