Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three or More Tuesday


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Today for my Three or More Tuesday I would like to share from my collection of days album...

I'll begin with yesterday...usually on Monday I meet at the church with the Body Builder's group as we study God's Word and apply it to our spiritual, physical, and emotional maturity with the hope that in doing so we will have better health and lose some weight..... yesterday we had come to the end of a 12 week session and it was time to celebrate ....so we met at Emmajean's gorgeous home to celebrate how God is alive in us.....It would have been lovely if we could have visited on Emmajean's gorgeous patio amid her flowering bowers...


But alas it was just too hot...

It was much more cosy to enjoy out luncheon in the beautiful dining room... of course, anyone who knows me knows that I was completely enthralled with her amazing red toile cornices....

We spent the morning sharing what we had gotten out of our 12 weeks together, we shared funny stories about our lives, and shared about our personal lives our homes and families and really were building authenicity in our relationships.

What dear friends these gals are... that I get to meet with, grow with, and share about life's joys and trials with.....
Our luncheon was a cornucopia of delicious low-cal delights....

Our hostess Emmajean wrote the following poem and shared it with us to close our lovely day...

God's Earth

The beauty and glory of the earth
Show in so many ways
A baby's cry at birth
Upon our hearts forever stays

A robin's song early in spring
Gives music to the dewy morn
A church bell tolls its ring
Upon the soul a prayer is born

The rippling creek runs so clear
Over pebbles glistening in the sun
Butterflies flutter around so near
Delighting the eye 'til day is done

Trees bending low heavy with snow
Covers the ground, a blanket of white
Countless snowflakes who can know
Upon the snow sunbeams crystal bright.

God's world is wonderful to behold:
A magnificent creation from above
His mercy and grace more precious than gold,
And the greatest of His gifts is LOVE!

~~Emmajean Bowman~~

Another day Id love to share about was Sunday....because it was such a Red letter day for us...

Th Lord is so active in my dear husband's life.... he is growing by leaps and bounds in his spiritual maturity.... our Sunday School teacher of several years has decided to stop teaching for a while and he is actively trying to find a replacement..... when he asked Lynn if he'd like to give it a try.... I just held my breath in anticipation of his answer.... and suddenly there was was....
Yes, he was nervous, but he got such a huge blessing from it... he's considering teaching more regularly.... praise God!!

One last day Id like to share about was last Thursday when we had a special luncheon at my mom's. Mom worked so hard to prepare the house for this fun time because special guests were coming.... my dad will be 91 this July and he has 2 cousins he hadnt seen in probably 50 years.... it was wonderful to get together.... we had a glory time sharing old stories, singing old songs and getting to reconnect...
This is Kate Ella giving us a real concert of great gospel tunes.... wow can she make those notes sing!
Today I really enjoyed pulling together a bit of treasure from my day collection... treasures that have been stored in my heart... treasures of love, memories, sharing, giving..treasure we're storing in heaven!


  1. Dear Carolyn,
    I confess I was feeling quite down when I came to your blog. This post was so uplifting for me. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful days. I only wish I could have been with you and the girls from church!
    Stacey <><

  2. Aw, doesn't Dad look dapper?! So proud of him for subbing!

    Love you,


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