Sunday, May 8, 2011

Facebook Farm Friends


I know Ive written about this before  several times, but it bears repeating,  one of the most engaging and exhilarating activities I have enjoyed since retirement is making worldwide friends on Farmtown which is a game on Facebook. What makes Farmtown so special is that  once you create an avatar character that represents yourself  you mingle with, hire, and work for other farmers and have the opportunity to chat across the fence with them on your farm...Over  the past 2 years I have made some very valuable friendships     which folks as far away as Australia.  One very special fellow I know there is Derrick.. He lives in New South Wales, and you couldnt meet a more congenial gentleman.   A retired landscaper with the Australian military   he recreates marvelous farms on Farmtown..  I mean however would I ever have the chance to become friends with such a fine neighbor as Derrick who lives Down Under, so so far away....  and we get to chat about the weather and current events...  it is awesome..  I also, meet so many wonderful folks in the UK,, which is such a thrill for me.  I have good friends in Manchester, Birmingham, Somerset, Derbyshire, Sheffield, as well as a sheep herder from Northern Ireland,     all of whom,  we chat often about their daily life and they know how endeared I am to the Uk and they share the most fascinating tidbits of information that   feeds my deep desire to tour there some day soon.  One of my very special friends is a gentleman from Sweden, Ivan,   with whom I am able to share things of a spiritual nature which has benefited us both immeasurably...And,   of course, there are friends  from  across the US  that have become very dear to me.  Friends from Florida to Illinois.  Virginia to California....  I have learned so much  from  these experiences and the ability to share in the lives of folks from all over the world.  It is a wonderful  thing in my life..

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