Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday 
For me today  and myriad other bloggers form around the world  I am in the PINK to just be able to post and comment , my goodness, to be able to even open   the dashboard...   What a lovely Saturday surprise to have my blog back  this morning!
To lose this wonderful online journal, Ive found,  is very disconcerting  and I am thankful for the long hours  the folks at blogger spent to get  us back in the pink  just in time for  Pink Saturday!

Visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more PINK SATURDAY!!
  Meanwhile, please enjoy your PINK Saturday!   There is always something special to celebrate and stay in the Pink!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Carolyn. We have been in this together from almost the very beginning. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.♥

    I know so many were having Blogger issues. My Google Friends widget is still not showing. I wonder what is going on with that.

  2. Hopefully I don't ever have to go through what you went through. What we had at Wordpress was actually worse. There was a breach of security at one point, and luckily they managed to take care of it. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend. I'm glad you have your blog back.

  3. thx for the blessing above ~ appreciated!
    and i too am grateful for what parts of blogger have returned and waiting still for others - like being able to comment with my blogspot id!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your blogger issues. Glad they let you share these pinks with us.

  5. Glad to hear you got your blog back. It has been frustrating! Happy PS!


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