Monday, May 30, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


FOR TODAY.. Memorial Day

Today the sun  is blazing and the humidity is building..  just the kind of summer day that dredges up memories of other Memorial Day celebrations  around family get togethers,  especially for me in the country  as we celebrated Decoration Day as well.

I am thinking...time surely does pass so quickly...   and with it  I am getting  older every day

I am thankful for...  family and friends  who encourage and build up   and edify...  God's perfect plan for us

From the kitchen.. baked beans are in the oven as we get ready for the cookout this evening

I am wearing..white slacks, and green cotton tunic

I am creating...    a knitting project   mainly

I am reading...    Robin Pilchur's  A Risk Worth Taking,   and God's Fiery Love  by Bob Sorge.

I am hoping...  to get this upstairs  in good order in the coming is a bit out of sorts and disorganized

Around the house.... Lynn is doing some major deweeding   the rain  has made everything  grow by leaps and bounds.. I continue to "deweed"  the cupboards and  closets

One of my favorite things....sharing the gospel with my online friends....  and mentoring/discipling where I am able....  this is helping  me to incline my ear to the Ho;y Spirit's urging and small still voice.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday -    Prayer  Sista's Coffee,  regroup wiiht Lynn around the house,  bake beans for the party, Memorial Day Cookout

Tuesday-   devotions, allergy shot,   Mom and Dad to the doctor, marketing,

Wednesday- cleaning,  laundry,   Church dinner  /Bible Study

Thursday- devotions, Dinner  with the New Sing Singer at the Home Place

Friday-  devotions,

Saturday- Prayer chapel, Sunday School picnic

A glimpse into my life
  Flying the flag today  to celebrate and honor those who  have given their lives to give us freedom... may we never forget the huge sacrifice of so many!
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  1. Great share Schotzy. You have one busy week ahead.

    Have a fabulous week ~
    TTFN ~


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