Monday, May 23, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook



Today  the  hot humid weather is back.   Last night's storm  brought a humidity that was the least  bit  uncomfortable today...The temps  approached 90!

I am thinking...I am so hoping that my injured  leg from the tumble I took  over a week ago  will  soon  mend and I'll be  able to get around  painlessly!

I am thankful for...  my husband  who  has been and ever is   a huge support to me

From the kitchen.. Lynn is  grilling  hamburgers and roasting savory tators for supper

I am crops,  black and white  blouse

I am creating...    a new project in knitting ...first   I  had to figure out  how to kntt...I soon  found  that I had forgotten how to cast on... heehee,   but I then I   found a youtube    video and  got  it done .  so now  Im well on my way to starting  a project for the train

I am reading...  Ministries of Mercy by Timothy J. Keller  This book is actually to help mold my heart   to be merciful through church ministry... Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo. I highly recommend this book.  It is such a joy to rad and offers so much hope about God's kingdom! Im thinking of starting a novel  that my friend  got for me at the library book sale...   Robin Pilchur's  A Risk Worth Taking!

I am hoping...  to get more things together to take to the goodwill... every little bit helps

Around the house.... it is time to go a major culling out of stuff that hasnt been used in some time
  too much stuff!

One of my favorite things....again is planning....  wish I would implement as well as I can plan!.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday -    eye doctor,      mom and dad to the doctor
Tuesday-   devotions allergy shot,   marketing,

Wednesday- cleaning,  laundry,  dad to dentist,  Church dinner  /Bible Study

Thursday- devotions, shopping

Friday-  devotions,  hopefully coffee or breakfast out with a friend

Saturday- coffee group  with prayer Sistas!!

A glimpse into my life
These are my  very famous and  wonderful prayer Sistas!
For the 2011 edition of The Simple Woman's Daybooks visit Peggy here!

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  1. Hope you heal quickly ... no fun being down when the weather is good.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~


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