Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Bit 'O Irish in the Planning Stage

Well, today will probably not the last time I will  speak to this topic.....  because it is something very dear to my heart...It has been my dream to  visit the UK  sometime in our retirement... especially  I wanted to  visit Scotland.....I am  Scotcch-Irish  and I suppose  truth be told I  am probably more Irish  anyway, for my grandmother was  Higgins....  at any rate, Lynn and I will be touring Ireland next spring! And I couldnt be happier!  Today has been a most profittable day.. We  got our  renewed  documents    and  things are really progressing nicely  in our planning!

I have been spending time  looking at the many items  I will need...  such as  luggage for checking...

I am  thinking this 24 inch  by Swiss Gear looks  manageable...  and I  am a bit  concerned about  larger  cases  and going over the  weight limit of 50 pounds....  THis  case has  a great  review rating and is on sale  now at Amazon for  under $70.00 ...
I think if is  very  awesome that  a month ago  prior to knowing about this trip opportunity  I actually  found  last years  Irish travel guide  on sale at the used book sale at the library  for  $1...  It has offered many happy  hours of    dreaming  and   planning.
We will be flying into Dublin  and will actually  have quite a bit of  time on our own  so  Ive been checking out  popular  places,  including Trinity College  and   its Book of Kells,   which will be very convenient to our  accommodations...  and there  are  pubs a plenty in the environs...

Our 13 day tour will   take us  mainly around the  coastal  towns and attractions, both  medieval and    geographic,,   both of which  are   the ones of my greatest interest!

 When I think of the Ring of Kerry  which is very  nearly like Dingle  from the film Leap Year, which I  just  love to watch time and again...

because the  terrain is just so   awesomely  beautiful!!!

One of the   highlights of the trip  for us is the  Medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle.. 


When I think of Ireland I  always think of the  thatched cottages on the Emerald Isle... like the  one 
in The Quiet Man.... 

  and  glorious vistas  dotted with sheep

  Which makes me think of the  food....
 because of my  love of  sheep, I have never acquired a taste for mutton.. oh well, I suppose  it's now or never....   but  blood sausage for breakfast......????
 My daughter said I had to try everything!  Yikes!
 Now   when it comes to souvenirs   I'd love  a claddagh  ring.. I cant think of anything easier to  pack for the return trip!
 But I just may have to   ship back a bit of Belleek
and /or Waterford crystal or linens! 
If I can figure out    the euros and the pounds!

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  1. Oh, you are going to have the time of your life!! My daughter and I did a tour in 1996 and loved it. I think seeing the Book of Kells was awesome but the landscape was unbelievably beautiful. I want to hear all about your trip. Yes, I's next year.... I can wait.

  2. YAY!! such fun pictures and plans!!

    love you!

  3. YAY! Such fun pictures and plans!!
    love you,


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