Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Arrives in Glory!

I have really enjoyed these  first days of summer.  The  regular  rain showers have  kept the  grass so green and the colors so vibrant!
 The profuse petunias  create such a cheery  greeting by the back door!

Hydrangeas explode, grass spikes the soil

Sun scorches all, water crashes on shores 

Ice destroyed, eyes beaten by bright rays 

Heat everywhere, blue suffocates the sky 

We love a violent summer

 The  day lilies  show off with their fiery  hues ! 

 Rosy  blossoms  bless  my heart scattered here and there!

 My  garden kids  make me smile broadly.. they are such   happy little gardeners....


  1. Lovely flower photos, I like your little gardener statues. My daylilies started to bloom too, they will be glorious for a while. Your poetry is fun, I can appreciate some aspects of a violent summer, but not falling trees!

  2. What wonderful colors you have, even if it is quite hot! Your flowers are a great sight for me as we are in winter here in New Zealand.

  3. THanks so much, Betty, and I hope your winter is a lovely one this year! I understand New Zealand is gorgeous year round!


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