Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Days after School Lets Out!!!!!

I taught third   or fourth grade for 30 years,  and  I loved  being with my classes.....  but   when we moved  here across from  an elementary school,    I have to say there  is so retirement peace like  the days following the  last day of  school....  The excitement swells into a great  crescendo  until the final bell  signalling no more school for 2 months....  at that time my  porch takes on new life...  breakfasts and  dinners  have new meaning  as we  enjoy the  serenity of dining  alfresco!

 One of my favorite  breakfasts  on the porch is  simply baked eggs  seasoned with  ham and  parmesan  and  English muffin  with  orange marmalade.... served 

with  a  lovely cup of arabica  coffee!!
Ahhh, a leisurely first cup of coffee  on these  luscious  mild mornings  is  my idea of luxury!

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