Sunday, June 1, 2014

OH, What a Father, He is

Spiritual Sundays

I  have just  very recently returned to blogging after a few weeks respite....  time does  become so involved,  that  I just havent had the time to compose, yet,  I am  filled  right now with  a  fullness of joy and  expectation,  yet  to  spill  it out on this post seems      forced  a bit... I  have been taking a   2 and half hour class  each week on  healing prayer...   now this is mainly spiritual healing.... I at first took the class because I so highly respect the teachers,  previous Bible  teachers I have  learned from. I wasnt so sure I needed  spiritual healing but was  actually thinking  I wanted to learn how to pray for and with others.... Well, I   was certainly wrong in that!   And I now  believe from what I have experienced, that  everyone  is carrying  hurts around in their hearts of some kind or another, that need the light of God's love and  mercy, and healing applied ...

We were told   in our first class  during a silent reflection time  that the Holy Spirit would  bring to our minds a memory  that God wanted to heal...  while I sat  there I thought  Id have to conjure up a memory,   but no!  There it was ,,, just as plain as anything...  a memory from when I was 9...   an event  that I never really had given what I thought... much  credence to,  just  a  non-intentional parental  action    that  planted a seed of rejection in my heart  that  had far reaching consequences.....  I could hardly believe  how   some missing puzzle pieces of my  life came together to    show me  cause and effect of  so many detached emotions and  what I now understand to be ungodly beliefs about life,,,,  ungodly expectations  I had,    which led to  other  actions!.....  One after another  through the last  8 weeks,   I have seen  how God was  at work in my life  even   at  a time when I didnt  have any idea that I  was  needing him..... mainly because I was too busy  trying to do it all on my own....  what a wonderful  God and Father, we have, even   when  our earthly father, as  much as he loved me and  tried   be the best father  he knew  how to be,   made  mistakes  through various  events in life,   we as children and teens  are so easily swayed  by  a simple wrong turn here and there...  I now see   what a gentleman God is...  He never openly intervened  but patiently  was behind the scenes orchestrating  and  working out  things  until  our eyes  were opened to  actually see  His gentle hand guiding us...  empowering us,,,   ..and silly us, thought it was us,  all along....  What a marvelous  Father  He is!

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