Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Moment in Time

 I never got around to sharing  about our  very special    visitors  from a couple of weeks ago.... when  the most  beloved  family members  are   home  for a just a few days,  time  seems to  fly....  there is never enough  time to just  catch your breath,   much less  sit and  savor  each moment..  This was our  third and  last breakfast...  the other two  were  so rushed,   we didnt even think to  get out the camera.  I was determined to send them on their way with   nice  warm tummies!We love our   fruited yogurt with granola  as our first course....

I wanted to show off to Amanda that  her  instruction to me on making poached eggs last summer wasnt lost on me.
We finished off our  eggs with a bit of English muffin and  country ham!
 Wee Birdie seems  pretty happy  with    her  morning    snack....   yum... mushed  boiled egg and banana! 
  I just love seeing her enjoy sitting tall like a big girl in the vintage high chair we refinished for her mommy 28 years ago!

 While I have these images  enblazoned on my memory!
I  really  love the    Torquoise plates and cups I got at Home Goods    ....  the mugs   feel so  good in the hand while enjoying  the morning   brew....  and    the  rim of each plate and cup is  embellised with  a ring of  fleur-de lis....   It doesnt get much better than that....  no  name  but these  lovely   dishes were made in Portugal...


  1. What a special breakfast with loved ones! Homegoods is a wonderful place. Happy Tea Day!

  2. Family times are so special! Your breakfast table looks inviting set with your pretty turquoise china. Aqua/turquoise is one of my favourite colours. Everything looks delicious. Thank you for sharing with us and joining me for tea.


  3. This looks like a delicious breakfast! Your granddaughter is so adorable :) Those plates look wonderful together.

  4. She is a special guest! What a sweetie!
    You and mum must be so proud. They grow up so fast, don't they? Your breakfast here looks delicious. I love those blue dishes as well, and your pretty tea cup in the last picture. It is always a blessing to have your children to visit with, and their children as well : )

  5. What a lovely moment in time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. A yummy breakfast indeed and an adorable lil birdie.


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