Monday, September 7, 2009

The SImple Woman Daybook


FOR TODAY September 7, 2009...
BRRRR! It is 45 degrees and quite brisk~ I love it actually!

I am thinking... how very blessed I am at this moment... I wish I could suspend time today... our last day with the kids!!

I am thankful for... this time we have spent together... how wonderful! The kids have been so gracious and the time has flown by!

From the kitchen... your guess is as good as mine!

I am wearing...Jeans and a sweater! Feels good this morning here in Ashland, Massachusetts!

I am creating... a mental scrapbook of all the sights, sounds, and memories we have shared the last few days!

I am remember the thrills and excitement -every nuance of this trip for a very long time! So many firsts for me.

I am reading...
I just started September by Rosamund Pilchur.

I am stretch a ton of visiting with Amanda and Joshua into this one last day together.

I am praying... for strength to accomplish my hope! Yesterday we walked quite a bit around Boston... from church to Park Street, to China Town where we ate fusion Malaysian/Asian ( delicious!!) and went to an Asian bakery.. So great! Then we walked back to Boston Commons and strolled the park back to the parking garage! Thereafter we traversed every bridge in the Boston area and traveled up the northern coast to Salem. We saw gorgeous New England seaside villages like Swampscott and Marblehead... I have definitely decided I will return there someday to stay in an inn! LOVE IT!!!!! Josh and Amanda couldnt have been more accomodating in taking us around to see what we wanted to see. He even drove me to Wellesley to find the Blue Ginger Restaurant which I have always wanted to see. Unfortunately it wasnt open but it was a thrill to see Ming Tsai's restaurant. We returned home well sated from our adventures and rather pooped! But the time spent together both out and about and especially here just laying around was heavensent!

I am hearing...the roaring of showers going upstairs... folks are arising for the new day!

Around the house...nothing at home, here...I need to begin getting our things together.

One of my favorite things... time spent with family and friends!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: ?????Something wonderful I have no doubt

Tuesday: Up with the birds and heading out. Lynn and I begin the long trek home.... back through southern Mass through to Connecticutt.. across Pennsylvania to Hanover and our next bed and breakfast.

Up and enjoy a leisurely b&b breakfast then on the road again through Maryland and down the Shenandoah Valley home hopefully in time for dinner at church and the business meeting following!

Thursday: Hopefully coffee with Dottie to share stories! Visit with mom and dad to again... share stories

Friday laundry and catch up at home day

Saturday: Take mom and dad to Galax for the fall festival at Glenwood church... their little country church they used to attend

Here is picture I thought I 'd share with you


Our first night on the road we stopped over in Lititz near Lancaster, PA. How beautiful the landscape!


  1. Great daybook Schotzy. Sounds like you have a really big week planned and busy too! I am loving the picture. That's Amish country for you. So cozy and comforting! I miss farms like that over here.

  2. Sounds as if you've had a really lovely week with family. I can share your feelings about cherishing every moment - my son left home yesterday to go to university for the first time, and all during the day when we were helping him pack and then move in to his hall of residence we were so enjoying all being together.

    I love your photo - it seems quintessentially American to me!


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