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One Thousand Gifts. (211-221)

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Click the above   button to visit Ann Voskamp, creator  of  that site and the author of One Thousand Gifts... this  is one of my favorite bloggers.   

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at  211 Mountaintop experiences... this week   Ann encourages us to focus on the JOY we have in our daily lives

211.   I  fabulous mountaintop experience  occurred over the weekend.   My prayer team  and I   went on retreat at Judy's  house...   Now Judy lives up on  the mountain...


 even though it rained and we couldn't  spend time on her gorgeous deck,   enjoying the most fabulous views...  we  did so love sitting   in the  bay window    . in her eat in  kitchen   and  absorb the glory of  God's creation!
As we discussed  our upcoming   community praise and prayer vigil we were planning  ....
The presence of God was with us throughout  the weekend..
212.  Then  come the  retreat's end,  Dottie   told us about her precious  Dachshund , Cricket,  who was so timid around  people and other dogs.  For a bit of  background,  our hostess Judy,  was visiting in Colleens home a while back and Colleen told her  how  her poor kitty  was so ill and  wouldnt eat and was  losing  weight unto the point of death... Judy took kitty up on her lap and   loved on her and told  kitty that Jesus loved her so much...After Judy left,  the kitty  sat on the very spot where  Judy had held her all afternoon and at dinner time  she rushed into the kitchen and ate  all of her supper and hasnt stopped eating since!
  So Dottie  wanted Judy to  pray over  Cricket,  but  Judy was a bit concerned about her   own  dog, Angel!.
Angel  is   a precious,  but  high strung  dog, too,  that    doesnt travel well,   so the vet  comes to the house....  and   Angel had never been around other dogs at all. It took her a little bit to   get used to  us prayer Sistas'  in the house...
So right before  Dottie's brother  arrived  with her  dog, we  prayed over the situation...
There wasnt a single whimper,
Just mild curiosity..
 the sweetest  sense of    common love and healing   invaded Angel  ministered to Cricket
Both dogs  were amazing...     again, the presence and the  love of Christ  permeated  the  situation and      dispelled all fear,    and  brought  a since of  peaceful healing...   Glory to God.
213.  God's mercy is  astounding
214.  Praise the Lord for the good news   from  Wisconsin.(P.Ryan)
215.  Life together  in    the family, church, and   community
216.  The  wonderful  far reaching interest  we are receiving regarding our prayer vigil from other churches
217.  Good news on the family front regarding my parents  ongoing    adult care situation..
218.  Renewed   trusting  in God for  a positive and timely  outcome    regarding    my parents  change in   living status.
219.  This wonderful change in the weather...   a  hint of autumn  is in the air.
220.   Lengthy, newsy phone call from Amanda
221.  Renewed desire to  press in   during my  devotional times!!!!

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  1. Oh, what sweet pups! I enjoyed reading your gifts today. :)


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