Saturday, August 25, 2012

Relationship in these Last Days

This week  we are challenged to  consider  our  relationship with God,  our  Creator,  divine Father,  and Lover of our Soul....   but  today  I  have been thinking   beyond relationship...   how is that prayer group is   working with a team of   wonderful   Christians   from  around our community  on a  Christians United  to Pray for America event in September..   the  dynamics and the thrill of   envisioning  a  flame of  glory ignited across  this valley   is stunning in the very least,   so   we  planners  are  taking very seriously  the  depth of   commitment  we must individually  seek  to press in    to God   through Jesus Christ,    through  sacrificial fasting,  perhaps  even joining in the sufferings of  Christ... things one reads of in scripture  but   can hardly   understand...    I  have been thinking what  is it in my  life that  I love    and  that   timewise  keeps me from perhaps all I could be  in His kingdom and   it is   the computer...    I know I spend  too much time here  even if   a lot of it is for good.   Yet  it does  many times take precedent in my life because I  love it so... not good!
But even as I was  considering   unplugging the computer  I felt  something resonate in my spirit....   as I was  writing on my calendar  the   date 3 days prior  to our  prayer event  the date I will begin my   most serious   fast  is  September 17...Rosh Hashanah....    the   High Holy day      when  God's children  a re called to   seek  their inner most  being  for     any thing that   keeps them   in bondage   apart from God...a time of introspection and repentance.   Wow....  Does God's timing completely astound  you or what!!!!  and the  only a week   from  Yom Kippur,,, the Day of Atonement...     A healthy  research of these days   reveals much about    God's judgment falling   on  the nations   on  these days ( Ie.  9-11)   etc.   As I researched this today   I even ran across  some pretty compelling  sites that showed that   Jewish rabbis believe  that   the tribulation    started in 2008 and we are even now  very nearing  the  half way point of 3 and half years on God's timetable....  thus   you might  understand   how  you can go beyond   deep relationship   when     the Spirit seems to  be pointing you  to   see perhaps the very end of the age.....       yet   there  are many  in  my family,   my network of friends,  my neighbors,   about  whom  I  have no confidence of their salvation.... now there   is   a  serious  dilemma  before   God, your Father!  I have dear cousins  who   have told me
   oh,  IM ok..   YOU need God ,   that is good for you  , but I   dont need Him now.   I have all the time in the world.. as if to say    to admit one needs God  is to admit  a weakness.. yet there I am   believing as well,  ok, then, We must have all the time in the world too,   But do we???  The scriptures say  be alert,  watch for the signs of His coming,   pray!  
   The commission is  clear, go and tell,    and  there is an urgency in  it....   yet   how urgently  do we approach our  difficult  family  members,   friends,  neighbors... ..   taking   our relationship  a step further... boldly putting feet  and voice  to  our commitment and love of God  for the sake of the gospel and its impact on    the world ,  even our loved ones!   
  That  is   something  I truly believe we   must urgently  attend to!!!!!  There  are signs  and wonders...   and  the    events spoken of  in    prophecies  are coming and have already come to pass... we have no guarantee  of  a lot of time left to delay... How easy it is to write this  but to take it across the hedge and  tell my neighbors   ...  we must  all pray for one another for the love, mercy, compassion,and boldness to  go and tell, and    l0ve   and pray.  That is   going  beyond relationship and  taking   God  in us to   a dying world!

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