Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out and About

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 These days it seems  Lynn and I are so  involved with  dealing with  my parents    and their  issues  that we  have no time  to   think of anything else....  so  I  searched the archives  for  some photos  taken this time of year  in the recent past!
  I love this scene  I captured on a     trip  up    the Shenandoah Valley  when  we visited    some plantations.. honestly I cant remember  which one this  was....It was when we went to Monicello  but this was  not part of that  beautiful  home....
Photobucket  This    fabulous countryside was taken  from our seat on the bus  on the trip...  
I love the      magnificent  August skies with their myriad clouds    full of promise and  hope  for    a  cooling rain  and respite in the temperatures!
One thing about August  just like today..  one can count on 
high humidity  and    developing afternoon haze...  It always makes me long for  September  blue skies and  crisp    air!


  1. Beautiful pics of our beautiful state.

  2. Beautiful pictures, each one could be a postcard! I was trying to pick which photo I liked best but couldn't name one, they are all stunning!


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