Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunny Side Breakfast

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   Okay, Im a day late  but   yesterday  was   my day   finally to  just enjoy   the   thrill of  playing 'House' with my   hubby..   but  life   got in the way!!!!  The phone  got us   up   before d awn   with  troubles   at Assisted Living that had to   be    rectified immediately   which took   most of the day..... then   I  was  rammed in the  back of my  car in a parking lot  at the hospital...   and     about  3 other   time consuming events  took my  day   right away  from  me....  I did   get to fit   a relaxing   and  lovely lunch date in with my best friend and sister in the Lord, Dottie... Praise  God He  knows exactly what we need to sustain us when trouble strikes!!!
But  if I could have,  I would have  made  my favorite breakfast.
  I love poached eggs and I know Ive  written about them before   but   for   those who   missed it...   they  a re so  terribly easy  to do in a large frying pan  with  just a bit of water and  a couple  T.  of vinegar... 
  Just  gently slide  your turner  under neath them to keep them floating in the water..  they   will be ready in about  4-5 minutes depending on how   you like your eggs.  Lynn likes his   done through so I  gently flip his   but In  love their  sunny faces  on mine!
 My sugar cured ham I   cook in the microwave for  about 3 1/2 minutes...  comes out perfect every time.   A  fast and  delicious and very easy   breakfast    that looks like it took   a lot of hard work and  it just  cooks itself!!!

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