Monday, September 3, 2012

Feelin' It

A Delightsome Life
Kathy of   The Delightsome Life  hosts this  beautiful theme each week.
As usual, I   absolutely   love Kathy's  themes each week.     You must  visit her  blog and  enjoy her  quotes  on  varied women author's  ...where they find their inspiration,   where and how they connect to their inner core   for writing..    I associated with so many of them..   it is difficult to find a  soulful place   that   allows   one to connect with  their innermost  being.. that inner  space  that  quickens  when  exercised  to  create...   whether it is  a  decorative  motivation  or a  bit of prose or  a journal entry  exalting  the Holy One....  for me,    peace and quiet  are  two  important pre-requisites..  Also,  a cleared area  where the  demands of  the day  cant  filter  through and  rob me of  a moment's peace.. 
So today I cleared the dining table and   created  a  space  for  "working"....    exercising   my  soul and spirit   to  concentrate on  beauty.... to begin   I  brewed a lovely cup of Yorkshire Gold  
  a cup of  hot tea  will  always  calm  nerves and  sipped from a lovely tea cup   always    tickles my fancy!  Today I am drinking from  Royal Albert's    Desert Rose pattern... one from the  Provincial  Flower collection.
Photobucket  I love the   black  background... so  dramatic and   strikingly beautiful!
As I  sat there  I  viewed  the house  from  that vantage point!
Quite a hodge podge!!  I was reminded of  a line from  TeaTime Magazine  September 2007  that I was  enjoying earlier.. "Something about autumn simply feels like coming home...."I loved that!   So simple yet so all-encompassing!
And I thought , "And the kids are  coming  home  in two weeks!"
  I was thinking  there was nothing    about this  scene  looks   remotely like  its  ready for a home-coming!
 I can see  several  more  lovely  teacups in my immediate  future  as  I   incline my creative juices  toward  making  this    feel like  "HOME"!  Wow, I have  my work  cut out for me!!  It is   autumn .... basically...  and  therein lies my inspiration...
  So Im off to the kitchen now to  create a pot of sumpin!  That will make me   feel autumn  to my   very bones!!!!!  
  I am also   posting on 
 Teacup Tuesday 


  1. A gorgeous teacup, love the colours and ample handle.

  2. Your Tea cup and saucer are so lovely, the pink flowers and the black background are a great combo. I Love it!



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