Monday, September 10, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (246-255)

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246.    AW...  autumn weather  has arrived...
247.  I am seeing  the light at the end of  this very long tunnel I have been traversing  getting my parents settled in their new    situations.. Mom in  her nursing home, and Dad at the  Virginia Veterans!
248.  God's provision all along the way  step  by step He has led me!
249.  All the many lessons I have  learned and the tests I  feel  that I  passed  along this   trying journey...   I truly feel that I  have  had a huge change  of heart and  an acceptance for things I couldnt change or  losses Ive experienced along the way..  there is freedom in this!   Hallelujah!
250.  So happy  the church committee work  Ive been  working on  the past few months is over!     Now on to new  horizons...   wouldnt have traded the experience or opportunity, but glad it is  all  done  and successfully!
251.  SO pleased to be  new a member now of the Community Bible Study...  New friends and new  paths of learning  this year as we study the Epistles!
252.  What  a joy to  get  the estimate  for moving  Mom and Dad's furniture  this morning  almost a third of what we previous paid to move them into assisted living!!!
253.  Praising  the Lord that I have time to sat and  do a bit of blogging this morning....  and  I am  so  happy taht   He is the first  thing on my mind!   God is  so good....  I am ever so thankful He is my heavenly Father!
254.  This is the week our  precious children visit for the weekend!   What a blessing that will be!
255. This week I  chanced to  be coming out of the church door and  there  to the south was the most beautiful  rainbow. I truly believe that is what set my  happy mood into being!  His mercies are new every day!

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  1. Sounds like you have been working through quite a journey... so happy to hear that HE has helped you through! Prayers for your parents in their new homes!


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