Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer's End

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Lynn and I  are taking  our  labor Day vacation today.... from    the trials of     daily living ... we didnt even make it to church....  but we have  had  a spiritual attitude  all morning...  
The Holy Spirit led me to  a  wonderful   unread book  in my library.
Cover of: Magnificent obsession by White, John


Jesus described the kingdom of God as being like a pearl so valuable that one would sell everything one has to obtain it. In this book John White reworks his Cost of Commitment to show that although there are costs to following Jesus, there are even greater joys to be found.

Reading this   book this morning has  been  exactly what  my spirit was  thirsting for....  and  after the  trials of the last few weeks,  it was the  healing balm for my weary  body  and soul!

As this  long,  hot season   winds down  it seems our personal lives  have heated up  even more... moving  my parents into   different and separate    housing   is   taxing,  emotionally and  physically...  My mother   required  a nursing facility,  and  they both  required  facilities that  accepting  government subsidy  so dad  will be moving to Virginia Veteran's....It is traumatic to me to  separate them  like this  but dad at 93 and mom at 89 and in  such   difficult  physical  condition with her  severe arthritis,   they just couldnt continue as they were.  They  were an accident waiting to happen.    Lynn and I have been working   with  3 local governments to make these arrangements, and between  untold meetings, applications,  letter writing, faxing,   phone calls,  visiting  parents now in two different locations,  painting their  home,  buying  things  to get the home ready to sell... it seems that  no part of any day  is   ours to enjoy  alone...  thus, my blog  has  necessarily  taken a back seat!   

Another  interruption  to our  scheduling  was  this..
PhotobucketAs I was driving through the hospital parking lot to   drop off my  dear friend, a car in front of me  backed out without looking so I had to stop  and  the  car  behind me backed out and hit me....  !
Can you believe  that  costs  400 dollars!   
  Thankfully his insurance will take care of it, and it   wasnt  any  really  big deal.. just another hitch in my  get along!
  This  summer's end cant come fast enough for me...  hopefully soon all will be  finalized,  and  things will  be back to normal  along with  a  change in the weather and   peace   in  our hearts!

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