Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behind on Posting

My dear momma    last spring   calling my dad  who also lives   at the Virginia   Veteran's.

My poor mother   who lives in  a nursing facility  became ill over the weekend  and   she became extremely dehydrated...  My  Monday she  was  in  the  ER  for  over  12 hours waiting for a hospital bed..  Between  sitting up with her  there  over night and long into the day,   and  sleeping in   this morning  to make up for  lost sleep and visiting her  there,  I am not in much a a blogging  attitude...   Although I do have much for which to be thankful...  Mom not only was   severely  dehydrated but she has  pneumonia and  her liver enzymes were  triple what they should be  at age 90.  Our initial  report from  the doctor was  somewhat grim  and  I  was  preparing myself for   whatever the Lord  has for us and I still   am,   but there  is reason to be more optimistic today...Actually, the doctor whom I have  great respect and admiration for called me this morning at 5am to tell me  that her enzyme numbers were way down, and   she w as  looking so much better....   he was offering  to bring in  a gastro specialist  to   take a look   into her liver  condition   and   attend to a swallowing issue  she has also developed.....Today I found mother   sleeping   peacfully and when she did awaken she said she could tell she was  feeling much better..  I attribute  this all to the Lord and his  answer to the many prayers that  are and  continue to go up for her....90 doesnt mean   its time to give up....   goodness look what Moses did at 80...  Please dont give up on me for not   blogging for a while.....  I  shall return...  it is   such  a  joy to me.

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