Monday, August 26, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (550-558).

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550.  Gathering around the scriptures with like minded  brothers and  sisters in Christ  is a taste of  heaven one earth!
551.  Seeing  my  dearest  in a choir robe for the first time.....   and  he  loved his  first  Sunday   singing for the Lord!
552.  Realizing that  life in   God's kingdom is  a life of freedom and joy more  each and every day! 
553.  Learning  a lesson of  forgiveness   this last week..   Such an important  element in our daily lives.
The  bus trip we took Saturday is just one example of the   wonders  retirement has  brought to us as a couple,,,   otherwise,  Saturday  would have been a catch up day around the house!  Life is so sweet!
555.  The joyful  countdown of days until  we get that   all  important call that Birdie is here!
556.  Sitting   in  the most  lovely   room last evening   looking out the long  bank of windows  to the wooded  scene  with the   blazing  sunset  mingling   in through the branches....  breathtaking!
557.  Knowing that   while  I type this my  dearest is  outside  painting the windows...  and  making great headway to get  them accomplished   today!
558.  Listening to the mellow  tones of Paul Cardall on my spotify list....  So soothing!Awesome story of his life!

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