Monday, August 19, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (540-549)

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540.   The  cooler weather   and windows   open wide.....  the   familiar  symphony of the cicadas.
541.  A  refreshing   sense of  renewal     and   freedom...   I love     this   feeling!Thank you, Lord!
542.  The  marvelous evening breezes  stirring the   blinds
543.  A  surprising     development from the   auto mechanic...   the cost was   1/4 of   original expectations...
544.  God's   precious favor in  so many    small details   which   creates a  huge sense of     well being!
545.  Life in the slow lane    the last few days  is    so remarkable....
546.  Loving  and  caring friends.....  life is  so sweet!
547.  The wonderful expectation of   our   precious daughter's   delivery   in the  coming weeks....
548.  We dont have to   think about   trading in our   12 year old Nissan   Suv after all.....  besides I love it  more than  any new    vehicle..

549.  My mother's    memory   about  her  circumstances  are  returning....    her stay  in the hospital   sort of put her in a tailspin,  but  she is   coming   back to us!

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