Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Old fashioned Gal

Oh, me!  have you ever  almost finished   a  really  great post  and  you  hit  a keystroke and it all  disappears.....!  Very disheartening... I  dont know  that I can retrieve it from  my  memory   much less  this computer's  !I know it started out with...
Good Morning!..  Well, it was morning, then!
 here goes,  again!
During the  few weeks I've been unable to blog,  I  have spent   some   time   processing   and  several revelations have come to me  about  myself.   I  guess they could be summed up   to  say, i truly am  an old fogey, ..oops, I mean,  an old-fashioned gal!
  Now  I  do  enjoy  HGTV  as much or more than  many folks,   but this  idea that  to sell a house,  one must  remove  all  personal   marks  of the home and   neutralize  it  stuns me....   I mean,    I become fairly paralyzed to think that someday I  have to do that if I  dare to think of selling   ...   and we do  need to downsize, and  move onto one level....  I actually have my eye on  a  sweetest patio home....and yes, I do need to  get rid of a ton of stuff....   but  how?
Ok,   I do   visit Zillow frequently!   And  there is  the living proof  that it  is and can be done....  I am  convinced   people     rent  a storage unit to  de-clutter their  home for showing....
  I mean, I am not   a minimalist, and  have no  intention of  becoming one...call me old-fashioned, but I love my stuff.   it represents  our lives together!
I mean,    I think in layers....
   layers of   flavor in my  food,  and layers of   dimension in my decorating!

The storyteller in me   comes out when I  put  a  vignette  together...
  Items  that  remind me of  my   family,   times as a child on the farm,    heirlooms that  passed on to me,   these   all   become   such a part of   my  decorating schemes,  I  can't imagine disconnecting  from    treasures  that   have  contributed to making  our  house a home, and    that   carry with them  such   living   memories....
Yes,   I love to layer,  

 but now to the problem at hand...
  I didnt   grow up  in the Depression  but my family did  and  somehow the genes to keep everything    passed on to me!
Take this painting ,  for example,    well,  go ahead... take it!...
Because I dont know   what to do with it...  My mother loved it, and it hung over her  sofa....   It  is   lovely , but it certainly doesnt   go   here... in the least...  I   really need to   disconnect  from  pieces  that  dont   speak  anything except....  how  my mother loved it....

Note that the tall   flower  arrangement will be going to Boston soon when the baby arrives.. That was used in Amanda's shower and will  look  great in the nursery!  And the  fairy items will be incorporated into  a  fairy   village  this   fall  outside....   so   I will reclaim this space  soon... YAYAYAYAYAY!
 But   let's  turn to the dining  table in the sun room...
Now the blue and white   makes the room  seem   cool, and  with the humidity returning,   this   tablescape is in no hurry to    be changed...

But what I really love about it is the planter.
Not just the planter  but my wonderful   new   philodendron...
 An  old-fashioned   kind of   indoor plant...  so  forgiving....  I dont think I  could   kill this  plant if I tried... as I have all the other newer  varieties I've used in this planter... I love it   so much  I think I  should name him...  he is so handsome and healthy....  perhaps  Hugh, (  loved Les Mes)  so much....
   and  oh, how Id love to see    Hugh just take off and   spiral  his tendrils  up the wall and over the  sashes and  consume the  sun room....  just like philodendrons  used to do   back in the day!

Nothing minimal about that, I daresay!
Yes,  IM   just old-fashioned, and I say,   so what..  it is who I am, and  I have no desire to change....Will  I   try to   do what Amanda  tells me to do...."Mom, take  a bag around  the house everyday and  put   something in it   to take  to the Goodwill...  I guarantee, Mom,  after a while,  you'll forget all about it!"
Yes,  I do that  about  once every other month>..  And I  know, I  should try to  do that  at least  once every other week.....  because,  after going through all of  mom's   clutter, I do not wish that on Amanda!  Just  writing this  again   has  made me  feel a bit  motivated....   I think it  is a God thing that I was   made to   recreate this post because the   ending is rather different and  much more   appropriate....So  let me  go  find a nice  large   sturdy bag and  get to   house shopping  for   my next   delivery  to   the   Good will! For someone   may be truly needing   something  I just dont  anymore!
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  1. I'm with you! I love my stuff too. HGTV has changed so much and I don't enjoy it as I used to, Everything seems to be geared to younger folks and more modernistic things. I wish they would bring back some shows like Kitty Bartholomew and some of the more traditional decorators. Well, all of your layers are always beautiful.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I LOVE house plants..and..I have to say your music is lovely! :)
    I never, for some odd reason, got into HGTV. I began and I guess it didn't hold my interest. I find much more of interest on our blogs..
    Have a wonderful day.
    p.s. Isn't Shelia neat? :)

  3. Beautiful table setting. Love the plant, so pretty and such a great planter. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I hear you and I so agree, I am shocked when they tell people to put away any personal items. We sold our house 33 years ago and I didn't put away a thing........and the first people to come in bought it at
    full asking price.........so not sure I agree with that, course, if
    there is a lot of clutter then I can understand that part...cause if you can't even see the house for the clutter then that is just too much stuff.......but I am an old fashioned girl too, I love the memories of so many things I have too.
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing it,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. I get most of my inspiration from you all now. We no longer have cable tv - almost 2 years! I do miss some things, but I feel I am making better use of my time - Love your layering - I am going through and cleaning rooms as I change the kitchen - with the thought in mind that I have to clean everything...we do change I think - but, I am with you - LOVE being an old fashioned gal - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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